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Now, more than ever, we must continue to live within our means. Yet, our County provides many valuable services that our residents depend upon, especially those related to public safety. The challenge is how to accomplish both without unduly impacting hard-working taxpayers. As a mayor of one of the largest municipalities in DuPage County, I’ve shown that quality public services can be sustained without increasing property taxes, through a combination of leveraging innovation, lean practices, intense economic development, and mindful use of collaboration and consolidation. As your County Board Member, I will further these financial and economic success strategies for all DuPage County residents.
Cooperation, collaboration, and consolidation. These are the "Three Cs." Where there are opportunities to partner with other government entities -- or even private or not-for-profit organizations -- in order to achieve superior results for residents, we should be quick to pursue them. Likewise, pragmatic opportunities for consolidation of government entities should be identified and pursued where it makes practical sense in order to save costs, enhance or maintain services, or eliminate unnecessary units of government.
DuPage County and many of the municipalities that call it home are often faced with significant stormwater and flooding challenges. The County provides essential assistance and support for stormwater, floodplain, and watershed management. The County must continue its strong leadership in these important areas and creatively and responsibly support critical study, design and construction projects that can provide practical stormwater and flooding relief to numerous residents.
In my private profession, I have been a national leader in leveraging technology and innovative partnerships in order to deliver enhanced services at lower costs, achieving the impossible triangle of “better, faster, and less costly.” These same strategies can often be employed in the public sector to find ways to continue to provide high-quality services that residents expect and deserve, and yet do so at a cost that we can afford.
The way in which local government works should never be a mystery. Many residents lead very busy lives with little time to take note of government ways. That's why it is incumbent upon public officials to ensure that residents can keep track of what their government servants are doing, and hold them accountable. As mayor of a major municipality, we constantly identified and pursued new ways to bring information about the business of government to our constituents and engage them in new and better ways. After all, it’s your government, and it’s your say.