Well, You Can’t Win Them All. But, Thank You For The Fine Effort.


Congratulations are due to the winners in yesterday’s General Election. Unfortunately, I was not among them. Despite much hard work and effort by many good people, we did not succeed in securing one of the two seats up for decision on the DuPage County Board, District 3. While disappointed, I am grateful for the support and assistance of my family, friends, and neighbors. Thank you all. Too bad it was not enough to put us over the top. 

The good news is that I am able to serve out the remainder of my last term as Mayor of Downers Grove. I look forward to continuing to do so, and taking care of some unfinished business for the good people of our community before leaving office in May 2019.

Two more quick things:

First, if you did me the favor of having a TULLY sign on your lawn, please help us out by taking it down to avoid extended “sign pollution” and either letting me know to come pick it up from you or simply dispose of it as you see fit.

Second, there are a number of expenses related to spreading the word about our election campaign that we still need to retire, so any contributions you can make to that end would be very much appreciated. Please contribute here, or drop a check in the mail to: Citizens for Martin T. Tully, 5413 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

Thank you once again for everything. We’ll see you around town.

With gratitude,

— Martin